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Spanish Skills

What You Need to Know for Spanish Language Skills 

Amazon does not currently support the Spanish language on Alexa.  That does not mean that certain types of skills with Spanish content are not allowed in the skill store, but it is important to understand the 3 major limitations that are currently present while submitting skills that contain Spanish content.

Invocation and Skill Names

Alexa will recognize a subset of Spanish words found in invocation and skill names, but we cannot guarantee all Spanish words will work currently.  If you want to use a Spanish word within your skill or invocation name, we recommend using a common Spanish word and limiting it to no more than 3 syllables to ensure accuracy with Alexa.  XAPPmedia will test your submission prior submitting for certification to ensure Alexa properly picks up on your desired skill/invocation name.

Additionally, it is important to consider Spanish vs. English pronunciations.  As an example, the Spanish pronunciation of radio (rah-dee-oh) is not guaranteed to work and listeners will have to use english pronunciation.

Skill Descriptions

All content in the skill’s metadata, account linking page, text-to-speech responses, visual content and any URL must be presented in a language currently supported by Alexa. This means an English description is required for all Alexa skills and must make users aware that, in the context of a Spanish radio station, the music within the skill is going to be in Spanish.  

User Impact

User interactions will primarily be carried out in English, unless the invocation name is in Spanish.  As an example, a user wishing to open Radio Nueva Vida will have to say “Alexa, open Radio Nueva Vida.”  All interactions within the skill, similarly, have to be carried out in English. This includes common commands such “Alexa, pause” and “Alexa, resume.”

If you have any questions about creating a skill that utilizes Spanish, please reach out to to learn more.

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