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Troubleshooting Your Alexa

If you are having trouble with your skill it is important for us to understand what the issue is with some self-troubleshooting.  Here are some tips and steps on what to do when Alexa doesn't seem to be working.

  • Check to see if the skill you are trying to use is enabled. The best place to check is either through or through the Skill store on the Alexa app

  • Check your Amazon History (process detailed below) if Alexa is not hearing you correctly give feedback, try changing tone of voice to verify if you can actually get it to open

  • If prompted with “Sorry, the skill is not responding” the skill may actually be down

  • If prompted with “Sorry, cannot locate feed or stream is down” the source we are running the skill on may need attention from yourself. 

How to Submit Troubleshooting Information to Us

Submitting thorough troubleshooting information will not only allow us to help identify an issue but allow us to do it as quickly as possible. When submitting a ticket to please do it in this format. 

Skill Name: skill name

Supposed Date & Time of Occurrence: Date&Time

Does it happen every time?: Yes/No

What does Alexa/Do or Say or Hear?: Alexa…..

Checking Your History and Informing Alexa

This is a step by step process on how to check your Alexa History. Checking Alexa history can be helpful in many instances such as.

  • Understanding what Alexa is hearing

  • Providing Amazon real feedback

  • Realizing if your command is going to the wrong skill

  • Testing Invocation Names

  • Ensuring Alexa is going to the right skill but skill is not performing as expected

The Process

Open up the Alexa app on your smartphone and navigate to the hamburger menu in the top left of your screen.


Find and Select “Settings”                

Scroll Down to the Bottom of Settings


Find and Select “History”

Select the interaction you want to follow


See what Alexa heard, what it sent you to, provide positive/negative feedback, take notes for troubleshooting. 

Make adjustments - provide XAPP feedback

For even more support consider checking out the Official Support Page at

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