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Accessing Analytics

Amazon Dashboard Overview

It’s time to start measuring your skill for success and drive more listenership using the Amazon Metrics Dashboard.  The Dashboard provides insight into skill usage so you can better understand how customers use your skill to deepen engagement and drive retention.

Below are instructions for accessing your Amazon Dashboard and helpful hints on what you’ll find there.  As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your XAPPMedia Customer Success Manager with questions.

How to Access and Explore Your Dashboard

Start by visiting and select Alexa to get to the sign-in page.

Next, select “Your Alexa Dashboards” in the header.

Select "Get Started - Alexa Skills Kit"

This page contains a list of all of your skills. To the right of each skill, you’ll see an option to launch the metrics dashboard. Choose one to explore the data and uncover insights.

Metrics Dashboard

Here, you can find a brief overview of your skill’s performance and spot trends on the overview tab. You can track how many unique customers have accessed your skill, peak usage time, and much more. 


Use the menu options to navigate to each individual tab and learn more about your skill.  Below are explanations for the information available on each tab.

Customers Tab

Measure your listener engagement at any given time.  Visit the customer tab to see how many people are interacting with your skill during a specified time interval.  This tab will help you understand how listeners react to skill updates, seasonality and any other changes you make to your skill. 

Sessions Tab

Think of sessions as the number of impressions your skill is receiving. Sessions are the building blocks of your relationship with your customer. The sessions tab metrics include total number of sessions, average number of sessions per customer, successful session types, and the distribution of successful and failed sessions. This tab will help you understand how often users engage with your skill and whether a given session had a successful outcome.

Utterances Tab

Utterances are commands listeners use to make requests. Your utterances are a key part of delivering a polished voice experience. Use the utterances tab to explore metrics like the total number of utterances per customer, utterance responses, and the average number of utterances. Better understand the quality of your skill’s voice experience by exploring the number of successful utterances relative to the number of total utterances.

Intents Tab

To get a holistic view of your customer’s experience, it’s important to know which of your skill's features are getting the most use. The intents tab breaks down your skill’s utterance distribution so you can see which intents are getting the highest volume of requests. This information can help you prioritize features as you look to improve your skill's level of engagement. 

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